Turnkey Alternatives Housing

When you want the absolute assurance of availability 

High-quality housing on demand

When Guaranteed Availability is Your Priority

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Some business needs require absolute confidence in housing availability in specific locations, on demand, and with assurance the property meets all your temporary living needs. For these requirements, we offer Turnkey Alternatives.

Turnkey Alternatives are apartments we source and furnish on a client’s behalf and then manage as private inventory – just for your company.  Dwellworks Living directly manages the arrival and departure dates of your traveling or relocating employees so we have complete visibility to availability and can immediately confirm booking requests into properties designated exclusively for your use. 

How Turnkey Alternatives Work

In our standard service model, clients advise Dwellworks Living of their relocation or business travel temporary living requests, and we quickly respond with options from our worldwide portfolio of 80,000 housing options, sorted and matched by our epicR system to align with client policy requirements.

However, special situations require even greater upfront assurance of property options and availability.  Your company may plan a series of training rotations over a period of several months, or plan to host a senior team to review business strategy scenarios across an extended period of time, or plan to add talent to your team and require confidentiality and privacy for your recruits.

Whatever your business need, we are experienced at identifying unfurnished apartments, securing a lease on your behalf, and then furnishing the apartment to your specifications, and managing the occupancy for limited vacancy and downtime, while providing the confidence and comfort of knowing temporary living can be made available as needed.


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Turnkey Alternatives Versus Standard Requests for Housing

No matter what your temporary accommodations requirement, you’re guaranteed a selection of options from our properties’ portfolio. Turnkey Alternatives provides an additional aspect of customization and alignment to your reservation requests. When you authorize Dwellworks Living to manage Turnkey Alternatives, you will have access to temporary housing specifically curated for your company and managed as private inventory for your temporary housing needs. 

Do Turnkey Alternatives Involve Risk?

When Dwellworks Living activates Turnkey Alternatives for your temporary housing needs, we are managing inventory that, by definition, cannot be offered to other clients and guests. The housing is managed for the exclusive use of a specific client. There may be some time when the units are not occupied but for which rental costs will still be charged or client-originated revisions to the number of accommodations to include in the turnkey portfolio or requests for early lease termination. For all these circumstances, we are experienced in managing Turnkey Alternatives and our promise is to closely monitor occupancy in line with your expected needs. We communicate all requirements associated with the dedicated lease terms that are designed to support your business and will only implement solutions that are 100% client-approved. 

Are There Markets Where Turnkey Alternatives Are Recommended?

Our clients typically ask about Turnkey Alternatives when their needs in a market are expected to exceed the available supply. Coming out of the pandemic in early 2022, for example, many businesses wanted to activate hiring, training, and relocation programs in global hubs like New York, Singapore, and London. Concerns about availability as supply and demand were in limbo led some clients to ask about Turnkey Alternatives. 

We’re always happy to have a consultative conversation with clients about supply, demand, and availability. 

In the vast majority of cases, we can meet needs through the depth and breadth of our core solutions model, but through the knowledge of our local experts, we can also source and create bespoke solutions and present a side-by-side analysis comparing ‘standard operating procedure’ and ‘Turnkey Alternatives' so clients can make an informed choice.

From there, we’ll jump on the project plan, quickly advise on property solutions and final costs, and implement the use of the client’s inventory immediately upon availability. 

Are Turnkey Alternatives Similar in Quality and Cost to Other Portfolio Solutions? 

We will only present clients with options that meet their requirements and expectations. Turnkey Alternatives will include specified furniture and furnishings, meet safety and security requirements, and ensure ease of use in accessing and living in any of the apartments in our portfolio. Pricing will reflect our expertise in local markets and negotiations and will typically be in range of the average daily rates in the market.  Clients will always understand their pricing options (portfolio solutions compared to Turnkey Alternatives), so they elect the plan that’s in the overall best interest of their business needs.

Browse our Properties for a look at the quality of the furnishings and the guest experience your travelers can expect from Dwellworks Living solutions. 


An Example of a Turnkey Property

Who Should Use Turnkey Alternatives?

Take a look at this simple checklist. If these requirements align with your business and temporary housing needs, contact us, and we’ll begin an analysis to help you assess whether Turnkey Alternatives are right for you.

  • Confirmed availability in specific locations and key markets is our highest priority
  • Our temporary housing requests are hard to predict, and we need assurance of availability even with limited notice
  • Our business has or expects to have ongoing high-volume rotational needs for housing near our operations centers and/or headquarters
  • Our business places a high priority on an exact match to our accommodations’ specifications
  • Demand for temporary living solutions in our target market(s) is significantly greater than supply 

Dwellworks Living, as a global solutions provider, provides Turnkey Program options for client business travel and relocation needs in hundreds of cities and over 125 countries.  

The need for Turnkey Alternatives is often associated with high-profile projects that require guaranteed temporary housing peace of mind for your company and your traveling team members. Whatever the business reason, Dwellworks Living Turnkey Alternatives deliver the following unique solutions and support.

  • Experience and execution. We’ve managed Turnkey Alternatives requests for multiple clients who place a high priority on confirmed availability for essential rotational temporary housing needs. We know local housing markets in-depth and our global team will quickly source and recommend alternatives for client review and approval so we can create the requested dedicated solutions portfolio.
  • Alternative Housing Options From Economy to Executive. Some Turnkey Alternatives request a focus on reasonable costs since the program may be for projects with defined cost controls. In other instances, the need is to ensure housing to support a rotating population of high-impact talent and executives. We match the proposed Turnkey Alternatives solutions to the client’s request – and deliver not only market-competitive options, furnished to client specifications, but also service and support, consistent with our overall program management.
  • Unmatched Local Presence. Dwellworks Living does more than access options across our portfolio of 80,000 vetted solutions. Because of our parent-company affiliation, we can access Dwellworks’ on-the-ground experts and their local insights and recommendations to make your employees’ stay both more enjoyable and more productive. 

Xplore App

Every Dwellworks Living guest has access to Xplore, our city-guide-in-your-pocket app, at no charge.

Relocating employees and those moving with them can quickly settle into their new surroundings and enjoy their short-term stay like a local or get to know the city where they’ll be spending their long-term assignment in greater detail. 

Get Your Project Teams Settled in Faster

We’ve managed temporary housing solutions since 2007 and are a preferred provider to the world’s best-known relocation management companies and their clients, whether they're a Fortune 1000 or a fast-growing start-up. When our clients turn to us to manage their global temporary living programs for Turnkey Alternatives,  they know we’ll deliver:

Availability and options: Dwellworks Living presents a worldwide portfolio of furnished accommodations, responding to every relocating guest’s need and budget. Whether it's economy housing and shared living quarters or spacious apartments in major business centers,  Dwellworks Living will match the perfect temporary home for your Turnkey Alternatives -- meeting expectations for comfort and convenience.

Topline service and bottom-line cost management: With Dwellworks Living, you’ll have the benefit of globally leveraged pricing and savings in line with your KPI targets and expectations. Our job is to ensure your teams stay in furnished housing that is comfortable, convenient, safe, and secure, while also presenting the best value to your company. As one of the world’s largest providers of temporary accommodations solutions, Dwellworks Living has the buying power to ensure we can meet the needs of any client in any market at a competitive price, and with booking information that is easily understood with no hidden costs.

Sustainable and secure housing: Consistent with their duty of care as employers, companies want their employees to be safe, well taken care of, and placed in environmentally responsible housing. Dwellworks Living fully anticipates and complies with these expectations. We are continuously upgrading our property portfolio to include customer-facing information about sustainable features, while also aligning with corporate requirements for carbon emissions reporting. We also have met the most stringent client standards for safety and security, with a move-in checklist of 40+ requirements. Every move-in we manage is aligned to client policy and includes online access to property condition details. Beginning in mid-2024, all property condition reports will be available in real-time with the debut of our Move-In app being distributed to all our property partners.  

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A Portfolio of 80,000+ Housing Options in 125 Countries

Our portfolio management application, epic®, is the most powerful serviced apartment solutions technology on the market, purpose-built by a team that understands the requirements, turnaround times, and customer specifications of tens of thousands of corporate travel and relocation bookings per year.

epic® finds the best temporary living options with our Match Score™ algorithm, scoring and ranking each housing option against your business travelers’ individual needs. But we don't stop there. We know even the sleekest travel booking platform cannot give you personalized service with a smile. We power our technology with an accommodating global service team and the depth of award-winning local experts.