VIP Guest Services

A housing program tailored to meet your employees' unique requirements.

Going Above and Beyond

Some Corporate Travel Needs Are Just Different

Dwellworks Living recognizes that! While we provide the best care to every company and its guests, we know some programs require a little extra effort. Does the guest need extra amenities? Are there special requirements or requests for their room? Whatever the request, we can help. We have a thorough process specifically designed for these cases.

Read along to find out how to request this level of service and the steps we take to ensure the best care.

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How To Request VIP Service

Every client fills out a Temporary Living Request form to begin their program and specify what type of service they are looking for. There are two ways to inform our team of your VIP Service needs:

  • Specify "VIP Services" on the request form
  • Follow up with your corporate housing manager via email or conversation and mention VIP Services

Just be sure to mention what types of employees you are moving: VPs, corporate executives, high-profile individuals, ect. and we will be sure to meet all their needs.

Where We Take it From There

As soon as a Temporary Living Request is made with the specification for VIP Service, the housing request is automatically flagged in our internal systems. This designation ensures that the VIP status is recognized by our entire team and enables us to provide the extra care and attention they deserve. Here is what happens after that:

A Dedicated Team: Once flagged, the housing request is assigned to a Lead Corporate Housing Manager who works closely with your dedicated Client Services Director (CSD). This collaborative approach ensures that the VIP experience is managed with an extra touch, enhanced oversight, and seamless communication.

Meeting Every Need: Your CSD works closely with your guest to ensure that critical quality goals and communication preferences are met. Depending on the level of VIP and specific service expectations, we may recommend a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) with our Client Services team, providing the guest and your team personalized ownership of the relocation or business travel process.

Constant Communication: Your assigned Corporate Housing Manager and the CSD can arrange an introductory call with your guests. Based on their feedback and approved policy, we conduct a comprehensive housing search, notifying our network property partners of the VIP status and specific expectations. We present all options in a collaborative way, using a predesignated communication protocol, to ensure that the VIP has all the necessary information to make educated decisions.

At Your Service: Once the reservation is secured, our Dwellworks Living Housing Manager informs the local partner of the VIP status and arranges any special services or requests. Additionally, our CSD reaches out to the senior management at the property we have selected to ensure they are aware of your VIP status, further guaranteeing an exceptional experience.

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A Portfolio of 80,000+ Housing Options in 125 Countries

Want to browse our properties for yourself to get a feel for the accommodations your guests may stay in? Our portfolio management application, epic®, is the most powerful serviced apartment solutions technology on the market, purpose-built by a team that understands the requirements, turnaround times, and customer specifications of tens of thousands of corporate travel and relocation bookings per year.

Search for one of our 80,000+ properties in cities around the world. You can even flag a property if you would like us to look into it specifically for your transferees.

Dwellworks Living Pre-Inspection App

How We Ensure Exceptional Hospitality

Our services don't stop after we source and secure the guest's preferred housing. Before they ever set foot in their housing, it is inspected for quality, cleanliness, and efficiency by our property partners using our Pre-Arrival Inspection app.

The app allows our partners to conduct thorough reviews by rating each room's readiness and taking photos for proof. Depending on the VIP level, our CSD may also inspect the property if feasible, or we can arrange additional support through our Dwellworks Destination Services team.


VIP Experience Means VIP Communication

Throughout the process, should there be any direct communication between the VIP and our team, your team will always be copied on emails or provided with updates.

We believe in transparency and always maintain a strong partnership with our clients.

Xplore App

Every Dwellworks Living guest has access to Xplore, our city-guide-in-your-pocket app, at no charge.

Relocating employees and those moving with them can quickly settle into their new surroundings and enjoy their short-term stay like a local or get to know the city where they’ll be spending their long-term assignment in greater detail.