Environmental, Social, and Governance


ESG: an Extension of Our Core Values

Dwellworks approach to our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives is an extension of our core values of integrity, teamwork, performance, innovation and fun and our commitment to being an embedded, outsourced extension of the clients we serve. We have always been closely engaged with our clients, customers, associates, supply chain, and investors, as well as with regulatory agencies, the communities where we work and live, and the world we operate in. These relationships and their commitment to sustainability only further our desire to leave this earth better than we found it. While we have no legal or regulatory requirement to report on these initiatives, we believe the ESG framework is intrinsic to and aligned with our core values.


As a global service provider, Dwellworks Living is closely attuned to the requirements of an environmentally sustainable business. One of our biggest contributions to this cause is being a regular contributor to the Coalition for Greener Mobility, established by Worldwide ERC® (WERC), the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC), the European Relocation Association (EuRA), the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the Federation Internationale des Demenageurs Internationaux (FIDI Global Alliance), and the International Association of Movers (IAM).

Since 2021, we have lowered our GHG emissions by 53% at our global headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Last year, we furthered this effort by changing telecommunications partners to lower our kWh usage and reduce the amount of handsets needed for our Cleveland employees. 

We also leverage digital content in our Destination Services by using AI to analyze how we can simplify and streamline the customer experience with fewer transactional steps and more personalized engagement. For corporate housing, our yearly supplier surveys ensure our corporate housing partners are taking sustainable actions in their daily operations.

Stuart and Devi Lunar New York


Dwellworks has been people-focused from the start. From our Destination Services Consultants, our Corporate Housing partners, and our Station Cities agents, we understand that global mobility is a people-first industry. We strive to have our associate team, network and suppliers reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the customers we serve and the locations and communities we belong to.

We're proud of the diversity across our business lines and especially in our leadership ranks - with 75% of our associates idenitifying as women and 60% of our executive team identifying as women and/or LGTBQ+. We lift these voices up by encouraging and empowering these team members to participate in panels and other speaking opportunities about creating a DEI roadmap in other corporate and global mobility settings.

We've also integrated this into the digital part of our story - by following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in the new build of this new website. We updated our content to WCAG 2.1. This takes website colors, buttons, photo descriptions and more into account when building the site with accessbility for all in mind.



Dwellworks Leadership Team


Dwellwork knows we have an absolute fiduciary obligation to our clients, to corporate employers, to individual guests and customers, and to the supply chain partners when it comes to governance and compliance. This why we make sure to have 100% of our associates complete mandatory ethics, compliance, and ESG training. We've also received the EcoVadis Bronze medal for our commitment to this pilar of ESG.

Other commitments when it comes to Governance include:

  • Being first in the industry adopting GDPR, as our global data privacy standard
  • An engaged Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC), with oversight of ESG policies and practices
  • Multimillion-dollar technology investments to support unique customer experiences and deep infrastructure/data security
  • Annual SOC 2 Audit and unqualified validation of business and financial services processes

Download our Previous Year's ESG Reports Here:


Industry Recognition

Dwellworks Living has been recognized by multiple clients and organizations for our commitment to service, our employer-of-choice workplace, and our leadership in sustainability.