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Attractive and affordable housing for your critical talent pipeline 

Housing to enrich the internship experience 

Your top intern recruits have choices. Make it easy for them to say yes to your offer.

Employers extend over 4 million job offers to prospective interns each year. Research indicates that a top expectation for interns is to work with an employer who has a welcoming culture. That means not only a great workplace and learning environment but also a memorable summer experience overall,  including a comfortable and welcoming place to live and build community with peers and mentors. 

Since the majority of internships are at corporate headquarters and in major cities with tight rental markets, it’s critical to lock in limited intern housing as early as possible. Intern recruiting season for most large organizations happens in the fall for opportunities the following summer. By January, employers are actively engaged in securing housing for their interns.

Intern with her keys

Dwellworks Living has managed corporate housing for many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Their typical expectations include:

  • Close proximity to the local corporate campus
  • Safe and convienent housing campuses with access to transportation and local amenities
  • Frequent pre-move in communication to confirm arrival details
  • Local area information curated to support intern interests
  • Staged move-ins based on intern arrival schedules
  • Contactless check-in procedures
  • Assured access regardless of arrival time and on-call assistance for after-hours or delayed arrivals
  • Ongoing support for housing-related issues throughout the internship period
  • A dedicated team to support the intern guest experience

For more details on our approach to intern housing program success and to learn how we managed our most recent intern housing program, check out our white paper below.


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We Consider Every Part of the Intern Experience

The key to finding well-matched housing is a deep and broad portfolio of properties staffed by local experts who know the intern market well and are experienced in supporting the requirements of an intense period of preparation, service, and coordination. Dwellworks Living works with outstanding housing providers who get the intern vibe, offer special packages and pricing and, best of all, provide incredible, attractive housing that builds community and inspires commitment to your company.

Dwellworks Living is continuously communicating with our market resources to secure hard-to-find housing and provide peace of mind to employers and interns alike. Our global leverage for temporary living placements at high volumes incentivizes local suppliers to be creative and competitive in ensuring we are well-supplied with intern housing solutions.

Take a look at this video from one of our housing providers based in the US and picture your interns living here. These properties are indicative of the amenities, service, and support we guarantee for interns in every location where our clients need housing assistance and local expertise.

Dwellworks Living Global Corporate Housing Solutions - Nashville Interior

Solutions That are Contemporary, Community-Focused, and Cost Competitive

While some employers request dormitory-style housing with limited amenities, the trend in recent years of tight employment markets has been towards ‘internship as recruitment’, with companies looking for housing and a summer experience that contributes to an intern’s decision to return as a full-time employee after graduation.

Interns are typically recruited to high-profile locations like New York, Boston, Silicon Valley, Washington DC and globally, to cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Singapore.  These global hubs boast some of the most competitive rental markets in the world. We get access to valuable property solutions because portfolio providers like working with us. We are known to be great partners - clear in our expectations with a shared passion for customer service and the experience to support our partners with their execution of the same.

Our Customers Confirm Our Summer Intern Programs Exceed Expectations

As always, there is only one metric for success in intern program management: meeting the requirements of the client and their interns.  Total client success requires early planning, constant communication, and flawless execution.

For large intern programs, Dwellworks Living provides additional support that includes on-site meetings at company headquarters, embedding our team with the interns and providing a complete orientation to their apartment community. We understand for some interns, this may be their first professional work experience and their first stay in an off-campus, independent apartment. 

We set up communications support to make it easy for interns to communicate with us via text and WhatsApp as well as email and we organize the communications with property details down to the codes for check-in and how to use the secure package room to manage their deliveries. And we support high-volume client intern programs with a dedicated service team, who are familiar with the client culture and the expectations for intern program success. The customer experience team provides 24-7 person-to-person support, delivering solutions and assistance for any intern housing concerns. 

Read our testimonials from recent intern program projects:

We were blown away by the Dwellworks Living team’s willingness to fly to our client’s headquarters and the support they provided for their interns. It was above and beyond what we would normally see from a partner, and I am so glad that the client got to experience that level of partnership with our service partner teams. Forthat, again, thank you. Your team is phenomenal.

Customer of Major Retail Client
I am really grateful for your services on this case. You’ve saved us from a lot of trouble and write off. It was good to know about your partnership with all the properties making our request easy to grant. Really, really, thank you.
Customer of Major Mining Client

We worked on an important group project this past summer in the context of a very challenging season for inventory. Dwellworks Living clearly communicated and executed a well-designed workflow for intern assignments and support. Everyone knew what other team members were working on. Ingrained in their process is reciprocal trust. We appreciate the huge trust that they continue to give us which inevitably provides us with the valuable opportunity to shine.

Corporate Housing Partner

Xplore App

Every Dwellworks Living guest has access to Xplore, our city-guide-in-your-pocket app, at no charge.

Relocating employees and those moving with them can quickly settle into their new surroundings and enjoy their short-term stay like a local or get to know the city where they’ll be spending their long-term assignment in greater detail. 

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A Portfolio of 80,000+ Housing Options in 125 Countries

Our portfolio management application, epic®, is the most powerful serviced apartment solutions technology on the market, purpose-built by a team that understands the requirements, turnaround times, and customer specifications of tens of thousands of corporate travel and relocation bookings per year.

Epic® finds the best temporary living options with our Match Score™ algorithm, scoring and ranking each housing option against your business travelers’ individual needs. But we don't stop there. We know even the sleekest travel booking platform cannot give you personalized service with a smile. We power our technology with an accommodating global service team and the depth of award-winning local experts.