CHPA Connect Conference


Hello CHPA Connect 2024!

Tap into industry expertise and gain valuable insights: The Dwellworks and Dwellworks Living team are seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of the global mobility landscape. At CHPA, you can leverage their expertise through informative sessions and one-on-one conversations, gaining valuable insights to navigate the ever-changing industry landscape and stay ahead of the curve.


Session: Creating a DEI&A Roadmap: Practical Steps for Progress

When: Tuesday, February 6, 10:00 - 11:45am

Speaker: Andrew Horvath, Vice President, Account Management


Session: Ask Your Agency! Understanding the Agency Model

When: Wednesday, February 7, 11:15am - 12:15pm

Speaker: Andria LaMantia, Vice President, Business Development & Sales


Session: Industry Leaders: Future Trends

When: Wednesday, February 7, 1:30 - 3:00pm

Speaker: Bob Rosing, Chief Executive Officer

Dwellworks Living - Corporate Housing Solutions - team at the CHPA conference in Arizona


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Roxana Serban

Coordinator, Cooperate Housing, Supply Chain, Costa Rica

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Genna Neibauer

Director, Global Supply Chain, United States

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Josie Care

Manager, Supply Chain, United Kingdom

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Devi Vibin

Manager, Supply Chain, Singapore

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Monica Quiros

Manager, Supply Chain, Costa Rica

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Ulrich Fischer

Manager, Global Supply Chain, Germany

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Vidak Glavinic

Director, Corporate Housing Global Supply Chain, EMEA

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Dwellworks Livings is Proud to be the Sustainability Sponsor at CHPA Connect 2024