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Exceeding Energy Sector Expectations for Temporary Housing Safety and Security

Chris Murphy, Director of Sales

In our white paper, Delivering Excellence in Temporary Living for the Energy Sector, Dwellworks Living identified 5 critical criteria that energy companies use to select business partners and to manage their performance. These criteria include supply, safety and security, service and support, streamlining and savings, and sustainability. Read the white paper here.

While all employers expect service, selection, and savings from their temporary housing partners, the energy industry places additional emphasis on safety and security. Employees deployed by energy companies are often sent to challenging locations and operate in environments that require constant awareness of safety and security risks. With their prioritization of employee duty of care, energy companies look for suppliers whose practices align with their high standards.

In this blog, I explain what’s required to meet the energy industry’s high standards for safety and security based on years of Dwellworks Living outperforming on core KPIs for our energy clients’ confidence, and how our culture of safety, security, and compliance align with each of their needs.

The Essential Requirements of Safety and Security

Our global energy clients have policies and practices that align their relocation and business travel priorities with their business goals and HR practices overall. Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) protocols are core to their operations and their supplier requirements. These encompass not only physical safety measures but also rigorous standards for process documentation as well as controls and governance that address social responsibility commitments, including ethics protocols and compliance with anti-corruption and bribery policies. Demonstrating the ability to meet these requirements means the service partner can deliver a secure living environment for employees while also aligning with corporate standards and the client's strategic goals and commitments.

Building on a Foundation of Compliance

Compliance with stringent HSSE requirements is a critical measure of the depth of a  global temporary living partner’s capabilities. Being selected as a key supplier to a high-profile energy client means meeting the requirements of a detailed due diligence process, demonstrating documented business ethics policies, and aligning with the client's code of conduct, reinforced by training for our internal team and flow-through to our own supplier network.  Such rigorous compliance ensures that our temporary housing solutions not only meet but exceed the high standards expected by global energy companies, thereby safeguarding their employees and protecting the company's reputation and investment.

The Role of Controls, Inspection, and Reporting

Implementing robust controls, from operational risk management to data privacy and security, is integral to how we manage temporary housing solutions. This involves not only internal governance but also the thorough vetting of suppliers to ensure they meet strict financial, ethical, and operational standards. Every property in our portfolio is inspected in advance of the employee’s arrival and the condition of the accommodation is documented to meet the specific requirements of our clients – including aligning the selected solution with the company’s internal safety and security standards. We’re upgrading our current 100% compliance with this requirement with an app used by every Dwellworks Living property partner that makes the completed inspection instantly available to stakeholders in the success of the stay in temporary housing. Effective communication of this critical information, without delaying bookings and move-ins, is a key measure both of compliance and prioritizing the guest experience. 

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing Demonstrates Alignment with Our Client Requirements

Sustainable properties and measuring the carbon footprint of a stay in temporary housing are fast becoming requirements that align service partners with the transition strategies of leading energy companies. Property suppliers that prioritize sustainable practices in their own operations and in their property portfolios demonstrate a commitment to not just immediate operational and service delivery needs but also to long-term environmental goals and the priorities of the energy company client. Dwellworks Living is at the forefront of educating our supply chain partners of the criticality of adopting sustainable solutions. 

84% of the respondents to our annual supplier sustainability survey have confirmed the implementation of sustainable practices in their temporary living accommodations, and in turn, we provide those options as choices to clients.

Our next investments in sustainable housing solutions include systemic tracking and reporting of a client’s spend in environmentally friendly temporary living, as well as analyzing how frequently guests select greener options. For more information on our sustainability practices and our ESG initiatives, download a copy of our latest ESG Impact Report here

How We Make Safety and Security Top Priorities

For global energy companies, the stakes are high when it comes to placing their employees in temporary housing on business travel or relocation-related assignments. To ensure their duty of care commitments for safety, security and employee support are met, employers must work with partners who demonstrate compliance with their requirements and capability to meet stringent KPIs.  That performance requires investment on the part of the solutions provider and a close working partnership in the best interest of the business and the individual employees staying in temporary housing.

Dwellworks Living has proved we meet and exceed these expectations, and by earning the confidence of energy sector clients through our performance, we have earned new business and contract extensions. Aligning with the exacting demands of the energy sector has driven our own operational excellence and innovation and the continuous expansion of our compliance, reporting and technology initiatives. As the energy sector continues to evolve, the need for a global accommodations partner with a strategic focus on compliance and risk management, robust standards and reporting, and full alignment with company goals will be essential to support business expansion and next stage success.  

To learn more and connect with our team, download the latest Delivering Excellence in Temporary Living for the Energy Sector white paper in the button below.


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