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22 Top Global Neighborhoods to Visit When You Relocate

What are the most interesting neighborhoods to visit and explore when you’re an expat or a traveling employee on a work assignment? Relocation, business travel, and corporate housing go hand in hand, often involving a move from one major business hub to another.  

However, once the dust settles and everything is in order, where do you go to dive into the culture of your new country and make new friends off the beaten path? 

A recent blog from Timeout discussed a list of interesting neighborhoods for foreigners and residents alike to visit. It inspired us to make a list of our own, based on the local expertise of our Dwellworks Living Corporate Housing team. 

Here are some of the most interesting neighborhoods to visit when you’re relocating to a new place. 



The big and expensive cities are well known. However, within these busy relocation and business centers, you’ll find some fascinating treasures with character and walkability that beat what you’ll typically find in better-known parts of town.  

If you’re an expat moving to New York City, one of its boroughs, Queens is worth a visit for its mix of a rich, old-world cultural identity and modern buzz.  


Astoria, Queens, New York 

Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens, is an interesting location that exudes a residential charm with the diverse culture and cool energy of Brooklyn. 

Astoria is housed within 25 minutes of Midtown Manhattan and is considered Broadway between 32nd and 35th Avenue. It's filled with restaurants, bars, and unique local businesses.  

The area of Ditmars Boulevard is often overlooked but it shouldn't be—its 15-minute walk from Astoria Park leads you to its extensive choice of incredible dining options that satisfy any food craving. 

Astoria is best known for the main center for the film industry in the 1920's. You can explore the neighborhood’s roots in cinema at the Museum of Moving Images and Kaufman Astoria Studios. 


Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida 

If your business travel takes you all the way to tropical Florida, expats like yourself will find a cozy, warm home in sunny Miami. It is the 9th largest city in the US and is world-famous for its wonderful beaches, nightclubs, art galleries, top-end dining options, and upscale hotels.  

Miami is also the home of an old but beautiful neighborhood, Coconut Grove. Coconut Grove is the oldest neighborhood in the city and has various exciting activities for you to enjoy, such as bars, art, Latin American cuisine, homegrown plants, and the beloved CocoWalk mall. 



If your work assignment finds you in Mexico, you’re in for a treat! Mexico is a country rich with a fascinating history, delicious cuisine, and diverse cultures. Regardless of the city you travel to in Mexico, there’s always a gem along the way.  

The city of Guadalajara is a famous example, as it’s one of the most beloved cities of Mexicans and is a major site for exploring Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.  


Colonia Americana, Guadalajara, Mexico 

Guadalajara has numerous neighborhoods, but the artful Colonia Americana stands as a favorite among residents and expats. The area is filled with creativity as art pieces are displayed by talented Mexican artists. The streets also contain highly-rated restaurants, shops, and cool nightlife—a perfect way to get to know the locals and culture.  

Colonia Americana is also well-known for its gorgeous Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento, a neo-Gothic church that sits on a small square.  


Puebla, Mexico 

Now, if you’re moving to Mexico City or on assignment in locations like Puebla, take a moment to learn more about this culturally diverse and historic location.  

The city is home to Baroque-style architecture, cobbled streets, and delicious regional dishes like pipian verde and moble poblano—a treat if you want to dive into regional Mexican culture! 


United Kingdom 

Going to the United Kingdom for a work assignment? No problem. The UK is filled with beautiful cities and neighborhoods that successfully combine the historic and modern 


Chiswick, London, UK 

The busy, bustling city of London has a cozy, quiet side for expats to wind down. Right in the west district of London is the affluent Chiswick.  

This quiet and quaint neighborhood has a cozy, village-like environment that’s welcoming for expats or those on work assignments with families. It is bordered by scenic pastures and houses countless historic pubs, highly rated restaurants, and clothing stores. 

This area is an ideal escape from the busy City of London. If you’re on assignment with your family, Chiswick offers safety, good education, and a family-oriented atmosphere. 


North Laine, Brighton, UK 

On the coast of the UK is the beautiful seaside town of Brighton. Brighton is unlike any other city in the UK as it retains a quirky, vibrant feel from its long history as a vacation getaway. Its residential population is some of the most accepting and inclusive in the region.  

North Laine, a famous neighborhood in Brighton, has a bold, Bohemian attitude. You’ll find many vegetarian and vegan restaurants here as well as vintage shops, art galleries, and jewelry stalls.  

North Laine is the perfect place for those involved in hipster culture. It’s one of the quirkiest places in the UK so don’t miss out on giving North Laine a look! 



For expats on assignment or extended business travel, Germany is one big, fascinating adventure waiting to happen. The country is the site of several stunning, historic locations that blend revered customs and modern traditions into a single multi-layered culture.  

One of Germany’s most extraordinary cities, Berlin has a reputation for being a great place to explore and meet locals. 


Neukölln, Berlin, Germany 

In the southeastern part of Berlin is the trendy, cool neighborhood of Neukölln. The area is the international home of residents from diverse backgrounds.  

The streets retain Berlin’s style of mixing the old with the new, and are lined with old-fashioned boutiques, Middle Eastern restaurants, music venues, and unique houses.  

As a result of its popularity, the area is undergoing rapid gentrification and is a pressing issue among local residents. Housing costs in Neukölln may rise in response to these changes.   


Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany 

Stylish and timeless, the western district of Charlottenburg is widely known for its luxurious, high-end environment.  

Charlottenburg also houses pre-war buildings and high-end stores—the shopping boulevard, Kurfürstendamm is the place to be for the latest in German fashion. 

The area’s most well-known building is the Charlottenburg Palace and Park, which provides visitors with picturesque scenes, vibrant gardens, and unique baroque architecture. 



Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a country of contrasts and has plenty to offer you and other traveling professionals on assignment.  

Along with its gorgeous landscapes, Ireland has numerous exciting cities, friendly residents, and a strong economic infrastructure, allowing you to enjoy a high quality of life. 

Its capital and largest city, Dublin is one of world’s most popular relocation destinations. Although it has the high cost of living and population density of most European capitals, Dublin is also a great place to immerse yourself in Irish culture.  

The city is filled with Georgian architecture, statues dedicated to famous literary figures, shops, restaurants, and of course, pubs. 


Stoneybatter, Dublin, Ireland 

Dublin’s coolest neighborhood is Stoneybatter. This area is a hub for modern Irish culture, with various high-end and low-key dining and shopping options. 

Many folks in the neighborhood have a strong sense of communal pride and outward-going friendliness that’s unmatched anywhere else.  

Along with its laidback cafes, Stoneybatter also has a thriving nightlife scene, which includes drinks at a local bar or dancing to lively folk music at a pub. Restaurants in the area also serve a mix of diverse cuisine with a few traditional Irish favorites.  


Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland 

On the other hand, if you’re relocating to Dublin and want to settle in a quieter, cozier setting, Ballsbridge is the right place to be.  

Ballsbridge is an affluent suburban community characterized by its charming village vibe. Stylish and classy, the neighborhood is home to Victorian architecture, tree-lined streets, and crowded pubs. 

There’s also a ton of delicious, high-end restaurants that serve traditional Irish cuisine as well as American, Asian, and other diverse foods to cater your palate.  

The area is friendly towards families and is considered a safe place with a sense of peace and calm for anyone who decides to move there.  



Quality healthcare, rich culture, and extensive housing choices, France offers several great benefits to expats relocating to the country.  

As you explore France and its wonderful rich culture, make sure to immerse yourself in the country’s world-famous capital, Paris. Here, you’ll find some of France’s most magnificent sights and cultural landmarks as well as Haute fashion. 


Haut-Marais, Paris, France 

You won’t find another place that holds so much of France’s history and culture as Paris does.  

Within Paris is a neighborhood even more “auter” than Le Marais. It’s known to locals and foreigners alike as the Haut-Marais, or “Upper Marais” in French.  

The Haut-Marais is the section of Le Marais that takes fashion to a higher level. From stylish residents to an array of high-end restaurants, shops, galleries, and properties, this neighborhood is highly coveted by the wealthy. 

The Haut-Marais is also the home of the Picasso Museum and provides visitors with the best places to eat, relax, and live life. 


Belleville, Paris, France 

Belleville is a bold and eccentric neighborhood that houses key gems of Parisian culture. Originally the site of historic street battles, Belleville now hosts monthly food markets, art galleries, and cafes and comes to life after hours with its nightlife scene. 

The neighborhood is also diverse, housing a small Chinatown district that contains Asian restaurants and shops. For expats and extended business travelers searching to make a close group of friends from diverse backgrounds, Belleville offers the right vibe—and a night of absolute fun! 



Singapore is one of the most popular locations for expats and those relocating for work. There’s a good reason for this. First, Singapore has a diverse population, with just over 25% of the population made up of non-Singaporean residents. 

The country also has a unique selection of housing options. For many expats, “vertical living” and expat neighborhoods are great choices to make friends from different countries and cultures. 

Singapore also has a low crime rate, low tax rate, and an amazing education system—all of which make it easy for expats and families to enjoy a quality life. 


Little India, Singapore 

If you’re an expat coming to this part of the world, be sure to take a “vacation” to Singapore’s Little India.  

One of Singapore’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Little India is a beautiful mix of old and traditional. Along its streets, you’ll find an array of Hindu and Buddhist temples, mosques and churches for observant Singaporeans. 

The same streets are also lined with unique boutiques, art galleries, and street vendors. Most of the food sold in Little India is from the delicious and varied Indian cuisine, mixed with traditional spices. This neighborhood maintains its gorgeous Indian heritage and welcomes expats from all walks of life.   


Holland Village, Singapore 

Of course, if you’re searching for a thriving expat community in Singapore, look no further than the Holland Village.  

This neighborhood is a hotspot for expats and young Singaporeans wanting to enjoy a night of fun. Options for activities range from buzzworthy dining options to trendy local nightclubs.  

This location is always bustling with people and maintains a charming European feel due to its past as a Dutch commune.  

Holland Village is also gaining a reputation for being a creative space with art galleries, music, and other artistic pieces showcased regularly by Singapore’s most talented artists.  


Hong Kong 

For traveling employees moving to Hong Kong, the territory shares similar benefits to its more southerly neighbor, Singapore, such as quality healthcare, low taxes, and a vast choice of top tier international schools.   

Hong Kong is also the home of a diverse population and retains its position as a popular location for traveling expats in Asia Pacific, especially those working in financial services. 


Sheung Wan 

Known for its down-to-earth vibe, Sheung Wan was once a district lined with Asian eateries, antique shops, and temples. Today, the area offers some of the best modern cafes, restaurants, bars, and boutiques in Hong Kong, successfully mixing the traditional with the modern. 

Around Hollywood Road, you’ll find an endless array of art galleries, shops, boutiques, and laid-back eateries. On Upper Lascar Row (also called Cat Street), there is a unique marketplace selling trinkets, pendants, fabrics, and other handicrafts, reflecting the area’s colorful culture.  

One of the area’s most interesting focuses is the Man Mo Temple. Built in the mid-19th century, this historic building is considered a national monument and features a lavish interior that’s worth exploring. Overall, the rich mix of tradition with modernism gives Sheung Wan its beauty and charm. 


West Kowloon Cultural District 

From museums to art galleries, the West Kowloon Cultural District is the central home of cultural venues. The area is also packed with an array of hotels, retail stores, and dining options of your choosing. 

Take some time to explore  M+, a stunning building that hosts the world’s biggest art gallery and includes modern-day paintings and video games. Along with visual art, you’ll also come across a variety of dining options offering delicious Cantonese dishes or picturesque sceneries in the beautiful lawns at the Art Park.   

After a meal, make sure to check out the Xiqu Centre to immerse yourself in local culture. This building is the top location for Chinese entertainment, featuring Cantonese opera and theatre. To explore the West Kowloon Cultural District, you can reach it by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), bus, car or taxi. 



Australia is a friendly and accommodating country for traveling employees and expats. Every year, many cities in Australia are ranked as desirable locations to relocate to, and with a wide selection of housing accommodations available, it’s no wonder so many want to move here. 

The country is well known for its sunny climate, outdoor activities, quality healthcare, and unique wildlife. Most of all, Australia’s population is one of the friendliest and laidback in the world.  

As with other countries on this list, Australia contains a fun treasure box of cities and neighborhoods to roam as you settle into your new home. 


Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia 

Everyone knows about the beaches of Sydney, Australia, but consider an exploration of Marrickville. This area mixes the local—warehouses, new restaurants and businesses—with a family-friendly atmosphere.  

If you’re on the search for historic homes, as well as neighbors from new immigrant populations and appreciation for the original indigenous culture, Marrickville is the place to start. 

A large suburb close to the Sydney Central Business District, Marrickville is the site of various commercial and residential areas.  

It is currently a hub of independent artists and annually hosts the Marrickville Festival, where residents can enjoy live music, international foods, and entertainment. 


Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia 

Surry Hills is a neighborhood that tops as a quintessential foodie destination in Sydney and all over Australia. Here, you’ll explore small, independent dining shops serving a blended variety of local and international foodie favorites, high-end restaurants with top-notch service, and culinary experts adding their flair to national dishes.  

If you’re in the mood for international cuisines, you’re in luck! Surry Hills is filled with different foods that’ll satisfy your taste buds. From Middle Eastern to American, French to Italian, there are plenty of dishes to explore in this area.  

Surry Hills is also the home of a vibrant café culture. Many local residents and expats alike enjoy heading to the neighborhood for a quick brunch with their friends and family. 



Back in North America, Canada welcomes expat workers and those relocating their talents to the country’s economy. The country provides a high quality of life to its residents but it’s also spacious, culturally diverse, and has an active outdoor lifestyle. 

Residents in Canada are some of the happiest in the world, perhaps due to a positive perception of government benefits and strong work-life balance. Many properties and neighborhoods in Canada are peaceful and idyllic, a must for traveling employees with families.  


Mile End, Montreal, Canada 

One breakout neighborhood located in Montreal is Mile End. This neighborhood is the hippest, artsy place you’ll ever find. Multi-culturalism is a huge understatement in this area—people from different cultural backgrounds roam the streets of Mile End every day.  

Art and creative expression are constantly celebrated here, and many musicians and artists alike don’t hesitate to show off their experimental, DIY artistic pieces. The neighborhood also has an entrepreneurial spirit as many indie shops, cafes, bookstores, vintage stores can be found all over the area. 

As for nightly activities, Mile End takes on a hipster feel. Coffee shops, lowkey bars, and brewpubs are a common staple for those in the nightlife scene. 


Dundas Street, Ontario, Canada 

Dundas Street is a gem of a neighborhood that’s worth an exploration. Initially, it was intended to be a military transportation route, but today, it serves as a place for immigrant communities and recent arrivals to mingle on a regular basis. 

The area is the home of prominent Jewish, Chinese, Portuguese and Irish communities—their influence can be seen in street names and local dining options. Dundas Street is also the site of the distinguished Art Gallery of Ontario, which contains more than 90,000 pieces of art.  

Other features of this vibrant neighborhood include specialty stores, bakeries, and eateries that cater to a diverse palate. This area is between Trinity Bellwoods and Queen Street West. 


Costa Rica 

With its low-cost living, luscious nature, and rich culture, there’s no denying that Costa Rica is the country of pura vida (simple life). The country is a tropical paradise for many but it’s also a relatively easy place to relocate to and settle in.  

Expats can enjoy a high quality of life by visiting its beautiful beaches and befriending locals and other expats in their communities. If you’re relocating to Costa Rica, amazing, memorable experiences await you.   


Escazú, San José, Costa Rica 

Heading to San José? Be sure to check out Escazú, an upscale yet endearing location for all who visit the area. Fun adventures are an expectation in Escazú, especially for those moving here for an assignment or in a “work from anywhere” program. 

This neighborhood has everything you need to enjoy a day out in the city. Some of the best local bars, restaurants, and shops in all of Costa Rica are located here.  

For your shopping needs, head over to Multiplaza, Escazú’s huge shopping mall that features three floors, clothing, handicrafts, and an American-style movie theater. 

Also, take time to visit Escazú Centro, where you’ll find quaint Costa Rican churches, traditional-style buildings, and unique narrow roads. This neighborhood is considered safe and friendly so be sure to explore it as much as you want. 


Rohrmoser, San José, Costa Rica 

A western residential suburb in San José, Rohrmoser is a populated district that’s experiencing strong growth in the last couple of years. It’s a quiet suburban area becoming well-known for its thriving commercial and residential areas.  

With two popular mini malls, supermarkets, shops, and restaurants, Rohrmoser is the ideal place for expats with young families. Upscale shopping and art galleries are common activities among residents in this area. 

Families with children also have access to quality education in a variety of institutions, such as public, private, and magnet schools. At night, the peaceful neighborhood comes to life with local bars and nightclubs playing Latin beats and pop music. 

And if you want time away from the suburban setting, La Sabana Park is five minutes away and offers exciting hiking trails, picnic areas, and cultural events. 

There are countless interesting neighborhoods all over the world! It doesn’t matter where you relocate to on a work assignment, there’s a chance you’ll come across a fascinating “find” as you get to know your city and explore its culture. 

Are there any neighborhoods or cities you’re interested in and that we didn’t mention on this list? Let us know about your personal “finds” so that you can help expats and traveling professionals and their families with their moves. 

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