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Full Speed Ahead - Relationship and Renewal at CHPA 2022

We’re Back LIVE

The Dwellworks Living team had a great experience at the recently concluded CHPA Conference in Tampa.  At its first in-person event since February 2020, the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) Conference was a resounding success.  The collective happiness of connecting and re-establishing relationships in an industry that is all about hospitality and being at home on the road was evident everywhere. Corporate housing operators from across the US, Canada, Latin America and Europe headed to Tampa and confirmed the trend that we have been tracking since late last year: as the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions recede, the response in pent-up travel and relocation has been tremendous.


So Great to See Each Other Again

Collaboration is at the core of corporate housing and this was the ideal environment to renew and review business partnerships. The size of this ‘first time back’ conference allowed for more meetings, more conversation, and more engagement than the mega-meetings of the pre-pandemic era. As an extended stay solutions leader, Dwellworks Living had non-stop meetings for the full run of the conference. We’re focused on connecting corporate needs and supplier capabilities on a global scale. This was ‘the’ event to connect with our global supplier partners, share the story of our own investments and innovation, and learn the latest from the field. 

Debbie Woodley, VP, Global Supply Chain commented, “We renewed longstanding partnerships and discovered some dynamic new players. And suppliers were positive, much more enthused than even a few months ago.  They appreciated the investments we’re made in our engagement and how those have paid off in won opportunities.”

In line with conversations he has had at other recent industry conferences, David Holt, Director of Sales, commented on the atmosphere of collaboration, inclusion, authenticity, and respectful engagement.  That industry perspective contributed to his volunteering for CHPA’s Leadership Task Force committee (see more below), advocating for an expanded range of capabilities and experiences in evaluating potential candidates for the organization’s board… readying us all for the revitalized work and travel environment coming out of the pandemic.  As professionals take to the road in large numbers and the ecosystem of business travel ramps up to meet the need, the expectation is for coordination and partnered solutions among corporations, travel management companies, technology platforms and local operators. The “in it together” solutions mindset of the past 24 months is carrying over to a sustained, open system way of working. 


Trends to Track

The “wait and see” of a year ago is now “we can’t wait!”  Suppliers are reporting increases in group move activity (a good indicator of corporate hiring, projects, and intern plans) and are rebuilding inventory. This is an important measure of confidence, since holding inventory involves the suppliers taking risk. Well-positioned operators who have pulled through the challenges of the last two years are once again building their resources and are optimistic about future bookings. The good challenge now is sourcing enough supply, since rental housing of all kinds is greatly in-demand.

The conference also put the spotlight on the expanded expectations of the guest experience: more amenities to support “work from home, on the road” – more space, high speed internet, and upgraded furnishings. New entrepreneurs, combining high-performance apps and contemporary accommodations, are entering the corporate housing sector, which has drawn positive attention from investors and large hospitality brands.  The conference energy confirmed this this is a customer-centric, find-a-way industry ready for growth. Most industry analysts, including GBTA, see that growth in business travel is picking up first among small and medium sized enterprises, with travel from Fortune 500 companies who manage more complex return to office/return to travel dynamics picking up over the next year to eighteen months.


DEI, Sustainability and The Nitty Gritty of Sales Success

The peer-to-peer sessions at CHPA focused on DEI Initiatives, Sustainability, and Innovative Sales Solutions.  Dwellworks Living has a history of committing to CHPA’s call for volunteers, whether to lead sessions, participate in committees, or advocate for positive policy and regulatory action, and this conference was no different. Debbie Woodley co-chaired “Sustainability and ESG Efforts” with Jo Layton of CAP Worldwide Serviced Apartments. This topic is cited as ‘top of the list’ by all industry trendwatchers and the engagement at the conference confirmed the level of interest (as did Dwellworks Living’s submission of an entry for Best Green Progress for awards consideration).  The takeaway from the session was a commitment as an industry, under the coordinated leadership of CHPA, to define global standards for green certification. Suppliers are on board – and asking for the tools and roadmap to make this goal a reality.

At “The Nitty Gritty of Sales Success,” owner-operators were enthusiastic about bringing their new look, literally, to the marketplace. David Holt, who led this session, confirmed 80% of the participants have upgraded and updated their websites in anticipation of business growth, with an equal number changing or adding to their sales and marketing talent.  


Kudos and Next Steps

The industry is made up of Corporate Housing Operators, including companies who manage properties in small but essential markets and larger global conglomerates who partner with hospitality and asset management organizations, to Corporate Housing Agents, who consolidate opportunities for operators, and Global Solutions Providers,  like  Dwellworks Living, with global sourcing, supply chain management and service support capabilities. CHPA supports us all, with accessible training and tools, the latest in industry insights and economic outlook reporting, and a true networked community of peers. The Tower of Excellence Awards recognize the service, innovation, and volunteer/community contributions of a diverse membership. Kudos to David Holt, for winning CHPA Volunteer of the Year at this year’s ceremony.

Dwellworks Living is aligning with CHPA and other industry leaders on the initiatives that will define our success going forward, especially in the areas of sustainability, social responsibility, and effective regulation.  We’ll report out on progress in subsequent blogs and can’t wait for CHPA 2023 in New Orleans.


Dwellworks Living: Global Solutions for Corporate Accommodations 

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Dwellworks Living is the global corporate housing solution of Dwellworks, an award-winning, business-to-business provider of global mobility and business travel services. As a global leader in corporate housing and serviced accommodations solutions, Dwellworks Living is uniquely positioned to meet the temporary living needs of businesses and their employees who are relocating or traveling on short-, medium- or extended-stays. With 60,000 high-quality professionally managed properties in over 125 countries worldwide, Dwellworks Living is the preferred housing solutions partner of many Fortune 1000 and leading relocation management companies.

Dwellworks Living's corporate housing and serviced accommodations solutions are designed to help businesses attract and retain top talent, support employee productivity, and ensure a smooth and successful relocation or business travel experience. In addition to our core global accommodations management services, Dwellworks Living, through our worldwide network of local experts, is uniquely capable of offering our clients expanded and related services, such as area orientations, group move assistance, destination services and intercultural training.

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