Temporary Living for the Energy Sector

How Dwellworks Living exceeded KPI Expectations and Expanded Client Capacity

Temporary Living For Your Employees

The energy sector is one of the largest in the world – employing about 65 million people worldwide, or roughly 3 percent of the world’s total current workforce. The nature of the work and the distribution of talent in exploration, extraction, and refining as well as the research and development of new energy resources means thousands of energy industry employees are traveling or on an assignment across the globe, often in challenging and remote locations.

Many of Dwellworks Living’s largest relocation and business travel clients include household names in global energy, and account for an important portion of our annual volume, as is the case for many service suppliers across the mobility and business travel industries. Our experience in the energy sector has shaped our response to the key competencies these employers require of their selected temporary living partners.

Dwellworks Living has earned the confidence of companies with some of the highest expectations in the world. Meeting these goals for operational excellence in the energy sector also makes us a well-qualified service partner for other clients with similar exacting expectations.

If you are a decision-maker in global mobility or business travel services in the energy sector and want to learn how we can deliver service, savings, and solutions that support your strategic objectives, please click the button below. 

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Top 5 Key Performance Indicators of the Energy Industry

While we understand there are many more important standards the energy industry upholds, the below always round out the top priorities and define the essence of the industry’s expectations.

  • Supply: Global capacity to select, audit, train, onboard and manage high performance suppliers.
  • Safety and Security: Effective Health, Safety, Security and Environment, or HSSES protocols, and proven governance and compliance practices across the client’s geography
  • Service and Support: Demonstrated capability to consistently exceed customer service targets.
  • Streamlining and Savings: Ability to meet cost targets and leverage volume for client value, while always ensuring premier service.
  • Sustainability: Processes in place for sourcing sustainable suppliers and driving net zero goals.

Dwellworks Living supports multiple clients in the oil and gas and broader energy sector. We secure those clients through demonstrated and documented performance to the specifications above.

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An Emphasis on Safety and Security

"To ensure their duty of care commitments for safety, security, and employee support are met, employers must work with partners who demonstrate compliance with their requirements and capability to meet stringent KPIs. Dwellworks Living does all of this and more, and by earning the confidence of energy sector clients through our performance, we have earned new business and contract extensions."

- Chris Murphy, Director of Sales

Compliance with stringent HSSE requirements is a critical measure of the depth of a global temporary living partner’s capabilities. However, Dwellworks Living understands the extra emphasis placed on safety and security. These are real people doing extremely demanding jobs. Their protection is the most important priority and that level of protection should not go away when they step foot off the job site.

Read our Sales Director Chris Murphy's blog explaining how we put safety and security first for every relocating employee - beginning long before they step foot in their temporary living home.


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We have more than 80,000 properties within our housing partner network around the world. That means wherever the job site is, despite how remote or rural, we likely have comfortable and accommodating housing close by. 

Our partners at Viciniti Corporate Housing offer several options in and around Houston, TX's Energy Corridor. With countless amenities for relaxation and hospitality, a commitment to sustainability, and a focus on guest comfort and security, Viciniti is one of the many Dwellworks Living housing partners that meet our clients' HSSE protocols while providing a welcoming living experience overall. 

Watch this video to visualize where your employees could be staying if they work with Dwellworks Living.

Jess Blackmore - Director of Global Account Management

The Dwellworks Living Difference

"Dwellworks Living is wholly committed to this approach - knowing that meeting the requirements of one of the world's largest energy companies will drive improvements and excellence across our entire organization."


- Jess Blackmore, Director, Global Account Management

A major KPI for us at Dwellworks is to secure annual savings for our clients between 10-15% compared to suppliers’ standard rates in the marketplace. In 2023, our actual performance delivered over 22% savings, amounting to over three-quarters of a million dollars recouped against the client’s budgeted costs because of our well-defined temporary living partnership and the effectiveness of our epicR technology in securing competitive pricing across our supply chain. 

An unstated but also essential KPI is demonstrating our alignment with the client’s business strategy and making key investments with their priorities in mind. Read our blog from our Director of Global Account Mangement, Jess Blackmore, to see how we tailor each program to every different company and their employees, all while saving them money in return.

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We were blown away by the Dwellworks Living team’s willingness to fly to our client’s headquarters and the support they provided for their interns. It was above and beyond what we would normally see from a partner, and I am so glad that the client got to experience that level of partnership with our service partner teams. Forthat, again, thank you. Your team is phenomenal.

Customer of Major Retail Client
I am really grateful for your services on this case. You’ve saved us from a lot of trouble and write off. It was good to know about your partnership with all the properties making our request easy to grant. Really, really, thank you.
Customer of Major Mining Client

We worked on an important group project this past summer in the context of a very challenging season for inventory. Dwellworks Living clearly communicated and executed a well-designed workflow for intern assignments and support. Everyone knew what other team members were working on. Ingrained in their process is reciprocal trust. We appreciate the huge trust that they continue to give us which inevitably provides us with the valuable opportunity to shine.

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